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"Ashley helped us scale our operations during a pivotal time in our growth cycle. By utilizing an 'out of the box approach' he helped put together partnerships that allowed us to acquire new accounts at an expedited pace. Because of the hard work of he and Galaxy Consulting, we continue to remain the industry leader for medical practices across the globe."

Michael Sopher
Founder and Director at Rendia

"Ashley has gone above and beyond what his original scope of work we engaged him for. He was very proactive in trouble shooting, and even anticipated bottlenecks before they happened. He is great at overcoming obstacles. Ashley has a very high level EQ, which adds to his leadership role. There were many times our project hit complications and stalled, yet Ashley performed with grace under pressure. Ashley has a high level of integrity and honesty. He is very trustworthy with trade secrets and money handling. Ashley is a very personable and friendly guy. He is a great out of the box problem solver."

Ed Wong
Co-Founder and Director at Mx3 Data Centers and TeleCare Holdings

"After starting as chief technology officer Datassure I realized we had a problem with direction.. I knew our model was flawed and I immediately reached out to Galaxy Consulting who I had worked with in the past. I knew Ashley's brilliance around these issues could help turn the company around. Ashley's direction literally saved us from an eventual complete dissolution."

Terrence Gatsby
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