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About Us

About Our Founder

Ashley Sawdaye

With over 25 years of professional experience, both domestically and internationally, Ashley Sawdaye realizes what it takes to grow a company. Simply put, it’s great people. No matter what product you are selling, or what service you are offering, if you don’t have great people in your organization, growth will be difficult. And in order to have great people, you have to lead from greatness.

Ashley’s work in a multitude of different industries taught him that it’s not just about what industry you work within that dictates success, it’s how you do the work altogether. And in today’s world, rife with social justice issues, environmental concerns, and an ever-changing landscape of both mental and physical health, greatness is not as easy to achieve as once was thought. But it is still attainable. By assessing your company, assessing yourself, and assessing your setting, greatness can be had.

Through his work with conscious business practices, Ashley understands the impact this can have not only on an organization, but also on the individuals within that group. Leading with compassion and kindness might seem like it might stunt growth, but in fact the opposite is true. It has been shown that conscious leadership actually increases efficiency and leads to greater results.

Having helped found companies, consult for companies, and sit on the board of public companies, Ashley is well equipped to share his knowledge and become one of the leaders within the conscious business movement. Ashley holds an M.B.A. from INSEAD in France and a degree in International Business from University of Maryland, College Park. He has also recently finished his Inner MBA, an intensive course through New York University (NYU) and Sounds True, certifying him as a conscious business leader.

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