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Services Offered

Business Evaluation and Consultation

This program will help any business with assessing where they are in the overall health cycle of the company.  That not only means assessing your fiscal performance, but also assessing the performance of the workforce.  Through a series of meetings, either in-person or virtual, we will build an overall scope of work and action plan to ensure your business is getting the most out of all it’s resources.  This program is designed for companies of any size and can be performed with either the entirety or a subset of your overall workforce.  Since each company is unique in its own ways, pricing is based off the initial assessment.

Conscious Business Program

A program which is customized for small to medium sized businesses, incorporating different ways of bringing your workforce together. Through mindfulness practices and other varying methods, we help people understand the value of working in a conscious way and what it means to do so.  Instituting programs aimed at social impact and mental well-being, while still embracing the integrity of the company, this program is broken into tiers to allow you to choose what is best for you

Corporate Development

Drawing from our years of professional experience in structuring companies, and laying out a plan for future growth, we can help companies who are just starting have confidence that all areas of their life cycle are addressed. Utilizing the extensive network we have grown over our the years, we are able to help any company that needs early stage guidance, strategic direction, and/or overall company restructuring.

Event and Retreat Planning

We take your vision and use our resources to ensure you can book a retreat or plan an event at the lowest possible costs to your company.  Working with your founders or event planning team, we can offer events in a myriad of different settings, both domestically and internationally.  And the best part of it is that any sized company can take advantage of it.

Philanthropic Services

In today’s world, it’s important to align your business with different causes that will not only reflect well on the overall optics of the company, but resonate with the overall mission and workforce.  We can help companies partner with organizations that are right for them, taking the hard work out of it for you.  We can also help companies raise money and gain exposure at many exclusive events as well as organize smaller, more intimate events for your company’s fund raising endeavors.

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