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Helping the world think more consciously one business at a time

Mission Statement

Knowing that great companies are built on great people, it is the values and foundations of these people that will inherently dictate the consciousness of the business as a whole. We believe that to live in a world where we all care about the environment, social justice, and governmental affairs, we need to ensure others place the same degree of importance on these matters as we do. Realizing the challenge this poses, we help bridge any gaps within the workplace to not only aid in promoting the brand, but to also ensure the results follow.

What is Conscious Business?

Conscious Business is the ability to lead from your deepest values in a way that inspires others while enhancing results. It is the ability to look at things not just in financial terms but also in moral terms. And it is the ability to treat others in a mindful way, with kindness, all while being able to treat yourself in the same manner.

Being able to navigate our own self-awareness, the awareness of others, and the awareness of the environment we are operating within helps cultivate leadership. Conscious business explores what’s most important in our everyday lives and how to have an impact on the people most important to us. Business has a powerful voice and when done consciously, it will help your business grow from the inside and out.

Fine Tuning Your Instrument

How often have you heard a song, or seen a concert, or even just heard someone playing an instrument with a beautiful sound emanating from it? Not only is there a talented player creating that sound but there is also a very well cared for and carefully built instrument producing that sound. However, that melody can only happen if the instrument is continually maintained and fine-tuned regularly.

Your business is not very different from an instrument. You can deliver excellent results, employ hundreds if not thousands of people, and still have room for improvement. That Improvement is referred to as the fine-tuning of your business. And, as with any instrument, if you don’t look after it regularly, those beautiful sounds can change very quickly. If you want to continue to grow as a business, you need to regularly tune it, and that starts from the top.

What Sets Galaxy Consulting Apart?

Galaxy Consulting is a company that helps entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. Realizing that there is a better way of doing business than currently exists, we are able to guide you on a path of corporate enlightenment. With international experience, and a strong background in conscious business management, we believe that in today’s world, we must work to live, not live to work. Accomplishing this balance will ensure the overall mental well-being of the workforce is prioritized alongside the company’s fiscal health. We have the tools to do it because we have done it ourselves.

"If you hit a wrong note, it’s the next note that you play that determines if it’s good or bad"
- Miles Davis

Services We Offer

Business Evaluation and Consultation:

Work with leadership to identify areas of the business that need improvement. Ensure that the overall mission is clear and work to improve these areas by setting metrics and goals for the organization

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Conscious Business Program:

Through a comprehensive program we help leaders and their employees cultivate change for not only the organization's future, but for their own future of self-growth.

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Corporate Development:

We can help your company ensure it’s not only structured correctly, but also has the growth potential and public opinion needed to grow in today's marketplace.

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Event and Retreat Planning:

Will help organizations put on events with mindfulness instructors or set up retreats in beatific settings aimed at uniting people and growing self awareness.

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Philanthropic Services:

Through network of investors and philanthropic organizations can help with outreach for companies and partnerships with causes to align with your company’s mission.

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Meet Our Founder:

Ashley Sawdaye

With over 25 years of professional experience, both domestically and internationally, Ashley Sawdaye realizes what it takes to grow a company. Simply put, it’s great people. No matter what product you are selling, or what service you are offering, if you don’t have great people in your organization, growth will be difficult. And in order to have great people, you have to lead from greatness.

  • 25+ years of marketing expertise
  • Worked with 32 brands as VP of Online Strategy for L’Oreal in Paris, France
  • Teamed up with Rendia (previously Eyemaginations), the leaders in patient education, to help build their West Coast presence
  • B.S. in International Business and Marketing from the University of Maryland
  • While in Paris obtained his M.B.A. at INSEAD
  • Earned Inner MBA through NYU & Sounds True Conscious Business program
  • Worked with a variety of industries including: Finance & Blockchain, Sports, Health & Well-being, Plant Based Medicine, Real Estate, Advertising, Health Care, and Hospitality
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Companies we have worked with:
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"Ashley helped us scale our operations during a pivotal time in our growth cycle. By utilizing an 'out of the box approach' he helped put together partnerships that allowed us to acquire new accounts at an expedited pace. Because of the hard work of he and Galaxy Consulting, we continue to remain the industry leader for medical practices across the globe."

Michael Sopher
Founder and Director at Rendia

"Ashley has gone above and beyond what his original scope of work we engaged him for. He was very proactive in trouble shooting, and even anticipated bottlenecks before they happened. He is great at overcoming obstacles. Ashley has a very high level EQ, which adds to his leadership role. There were many times our project hit complications and stalled, yet Ashley performed with grace under pressure. Ashley has a high level of integrity and honesty. He is very trustworthy with trade secrets and money handling. Ashley is a very personable and friendly guy. He is a great out of the box problem solver."

Ed Wong
Co-Founder and Director at Mx3 Data Centers and TeleCare Holdings

"After starting as chief technology officer Datassure I realized we had a problem with direction.. I knew our model was flawed and I immediately reached out to Galaxy Consulting who I had worked with in the past. I knew Ashley's brilliance around these issues could help turn the company around. Ashley's direction literally saved us from an eventual complete dissolution."

Terrence Gatsby
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